Southwest Goodness in 5 simple steps...

BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness

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BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness Your Style

Blu Tacos
Our famous Blue Corn Tortillas are the star of the show here. Grab 3 and fill them with your favorites!
You can't resist our tightly wrapped burritos bursting with goodness. Two hands required! Or Go TruBlu for an extra kick.
Ditch the tortilla and build your own Southwest Bowl. Don’t forget to Go TruBlu with our warm sauce!
Nothing like Simply Southwest Goodness in the perfect on-the-go format. You'll love our delicious quesadillas!
Always a hit, the BluTaco nachos are a fan favorite. Loaded with your favorite toppings, prepare for deliciousness!
Looking for a little healthier version of Simply Southwest Goodness? This is sure to please!
BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness Start It

White Cilantro Lime Rice
A light, fluffy layer of white rice with a taste of cilantro and lime.
Black Beans
Black Beans cooked in a thin broth with Mexican seasonings and green chiles. Great tasting traditional flavor.
Pinto Beans
No refried here. These whole beans are cooked with Mexican spices for a great addition to any meal.
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Smoky, shredded beef seasoned with Ancho Chiles and slow cooked for a hearty meal.
Shredded pork blended with onions, green chiles and just the right amount of Mexican Spices
Citrus Chicken
A twist on your traditional chicken. Cilantro and Lime are mixed with seasoned, diced chicken creating a unique, delicious flavor profile that makes a great addition to any meal.
BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness Top It

Verde Salsa
This custom blend of tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, spices, and onions can't be beat. This is a must add.
Honey Habanero Salsa
An amazing combination of sweet and spicy. This tomato salsa starts with a great sweet flavor and ends with a bite!
Fire Roasted Green Chiles
This blend of roasted late and regular harvested green chiles has a great green and red look. But be careful, they bring the heat!
Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese
Perfect Blend of Monterey Jack and Sharp Cheddar Cheese to top your favorite meal with.
Sour Cream
Add the smooth, tangy flavor of sour cream to bring it all together.
Add some green to your meal with a layer of fresh lettuce.
BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness Go TruBlu

Green Chile Sauce
Combining tangy tomatillos with roasted poblanos and green chiles, this warm sauce will make you fall in love with BluTaco!
Three Cheese Queso
This is the ultimate way to "Go TruBlu!" It's a blend of sharp and creamy cheeses with a kick of roasted poblanos and green chiles to top any entree or eat by itself. Smother your tacos, burrito or bowl with the ultimate smooth, warm sauce!
BluTaco Simply Southwest Goodness Go TruBlu Eat It